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If great customer service is as important to you as low prices and the largest selection in the state, then visit Tom O'Brien Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Greenwood, located on the south side. 

But don't just take our word for's what our customers are saying:

Reviews For Sales Dept: 

by Love DODGE from Beech Grove IN | November 4, 2012 -- I would just like to say that Jeff Casner is the best sales person I have ever dealt with in shopping for a car. On our test drive I asked him to sell me this car, in return he let me know everything that I wanted to know about my 2013 Dodge Avenger and more. His personality was truly uplifting, I felt like it wasnt about him selling me a car. it was all about me finding the right car. I'm so glad that he was my salesman that day! You ROCK Jeff!!!!!

by jeffrey from Greenwood, Indiana | October 29, 2012 --  Dealership very helpful in getting me the vehicle I wanted the way I wanted it. Mr. Herr was superb in his email and phone follow up with me and in answering my questions. Very pleased with my Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

by Durango from Columbus, IN | October 27, 2012 -- This was the best new car purchase that we have ever had. Jessie Mattick was a great salesman with a very positive attitude and super helpful. We bought a brand new Dodge Durango and Jessie was very knowledgeable about this car!

by ktpuck from Indianapolis | October 26, 2012 -- Chris Lett and entire dealership was wonderful and a pleasure to deal with. Have purchased many auto's in the past, new and used and will remember this one as being one of the best experience. Knowledgable and experience but not under any buying pressure. Was recommended to look at the Jeep Cherokee as consideration and purchased 2013 and very pleased. Entire team gets kuddos from me. Thank you! Will be back in 2 years to buy again!

by Dandy from Don ButlerDon | October 2, 2012 -- Bob Yorn was our sales rep and he was extremely pleasant and easy to deal with. Low key and interested in pleasing us. With this type of personel, it reflects well on the organization .

by Challenger "the name says it all" from Indianapolis, IN | September 27, 2012 -- Purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger from Obrien and the experience was great. Kelly Joe McAbee, was my sales rep and was wonderful. She made the experience great and I would recommend her to everyone. Love my Challenger and will go back to see them when its time to upgrade to the SRT8!

by 4 crazy monkeys from Indianapolis, IN | September 24, 2012 -- After looking for months for this car, I found it at Tom O'Brien. Jessie Mattick was the sales person who took my call, he answered every question I had~ which again, after looking for specifics for months, I had a lot! Jessie made this such an easy and painless process in every way! He was very professional, great with my kids and made sure we were in and out dealing with paperwork. I highly recommend Tom O'Brien to anyone, and hope if you do check it out, please ask for Jessie Mattick! I am very pleased with my purchase!

by mvriley from Mooresville | September 20, 2012 -- Best car buying experience ever. Test drove the car with Kelly McAbee on Thursday and bought the car on Saturday. Kelly was sick with a migraine but made sure that another sales person took care of me until she was able to make it in and then spent time going over the set up of my car!

by Very upset customer from greenwood, IN | September 18, 2012 -- I purchased my car last Thursday after leaving I drove to work on the interstate. After 60mph my steering wheel shakes so bad it is practically impossible to drive. I called the next morning to tom o Brian they told me someone would call back.. never received call so I called about 2 hours later they told me the used car staff was out until Monday and they would call me first thing. It is now Tuesday afternoon and still no call and I drive the interstate to work 5 times a week. Funny thing is I have a warranty and they still could care less to even give me a call. Because of hoe badly it shakes I have had to borrow someone ELSE'S car to get to and from work. I have also emailed the person who sold me the car and the manager and still have received not even an apology.

by sweetpea from Greenwood, IN | August 2, 2012 -- I just wanted to take a moment and say "kudos" to Jessie Mattick for the way he treated me. I was in the market for used car with low mileage, and the first thing Jessie did was sit down with me and made a list of what I wanted in a vehicle. Not only did Jessie take the time to listen, but he also made it a point of working with me on what my budget would be, and he didn't try to force other vehicles on me which were out of my price range. I had been to a competing dealership the night before, and was treated as a second class citizen because I refused to be in a vehicle which was out of my range. At Tom O'Brien, I was treated with dignity and respect, and that is because of Jessie. I signed the papers on my car, and he even called me the next day to see if the car was a good fit. I would not hesitate for one moment to send anyone to Tom O'Brien to see Jessie Mattick. You truly have a gem in this young man, and I wish him nothing but continues success as he grows in his position!

by Picky Car Shopper from Indianapolis, IN | July 23, 2012 -- In 2010, we purchased a Dodge Ram truck. Our experience was so good, we returned in July of 2012. Not only did we purchase a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee but we helped our daughter purchase a 2012 Chrysler 200. Matt Patterson, our sales associate, took time with us - never pushing us into a sale and never rushing us. His knowledge of the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep automobile lines was incredible. His sales abilities, his knowledge and his outstanding personality made this car experience wonderful!

by Jeepster from Dayton, Ohio | July 17, 2012 -- Mike Abner our salesman was great. Vehicle as condition Mike told us by phone. We came from Dayton, Ohio Great Dealership!

by Amanda from Franklin, IN | July 7, 2012 -- I just wanted to take a moment and rave about my car buying experience at Tom O'Brien in Greenwood, IN. I was shopping for a more fuel efficient vehicle and was really interested in the Fiat 500c. Jessie Mattick was the sales person (or steel slinger as I like to refer to him as) that helped me. He made me feel very comfortable in his knowledge of the vehicle. I am glad to say I am super pumped about my purchase of the new Fiat 500c!! It is so much fun to drive and great on gas. Thanks Jessie for all of your help! Keep up the good work! 

by Happy Impala Owner from Greenwood, IN | July 3, 2012 -- I went into Tom O'brien after having Ray Skillman tell me that I was not approved (even though I secured my own financing) dreading the experience because Skillman left such a foul taste in my mouth. I worked with Bob Yorn, he is a no nonsense sales person. He took the time to explain all of the financing requirements, took his time and showed me car after car until I found something that I was happy with. 45 minutes later, I drove off of their lot sale complete. My experience at Tom O'Brien was amazing. This dealership has earned by current business as well as my future business.

by Henry
from Indianapolis, IN / June 10, 2012 --  Heather Pitcher was our sales person and we were well satisfied with her she performed well.I had told my wife before we went to Tom O'briens what I would pay and they came within $17.63 of my price, hows that for a no haggle price? Heather was very pleasant to work with and did everything she said she would do, good salesperson. We purchased a 2012 Town & Country. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

by lovesjeeps from Indianapolis, In | June 6, 2012 -- Sales Rep Kelly McAbee This is the first used car we have bought in a long time. Kelly did a great job showing us the vehicle and making the transaction a pleasant one.

by Sunny H from Jamestown, IN | May 29, 2012 -- I put off replacing my 1996 automobile far longer than financial pragmatism dictated because of the dread of entering the "shark-infested waters" that negatively stereotype car dealers. Sadly, one of the three dealers I approached when I began my search for a mid-to-late 2000's model Liberty met and exceeded every one of these. Tom O'Brien Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, conversely, pleasantly surprised me by being completely opposite to every one. The agent, Heather Pitcher, did not try to sell me more vehicle than I wanted and sought to find something within the price range I had in mind. The dealership came down on the list price before I even saw the vehicle after I listed my fiscal restraints and needs and did service work that my mechanic said would have to be done on any Liberty in the year and mileage range I was seeking either before or after purchase and did not add that onto the cost. Because my bike rack was incompatible with a rear-mount spare and the Liberty lacked a tow package, the dealership found a local company and had a tow receiver and bike rack added on and added it to the cost of the vehicle so I would not be inconvenienced by another trip and additional wait time to Greenwood. Less than a hundred miles after purchasing the vehicle, the check engine light came on. When I returned the vehicle to the service department I was told an emissions sensor had gone bad; knowing that the second tends to fail within a few months, the dealer replaced both so that I would not have to return later (possible after the three-month, 3000 mile warranty had expired). From start to finish, I felt like it was all about what Tom O'Brien CJD could do FOR ME, not the other way around. I would buy from them again and will not hesitate nearly as long to replace a decrepit vehicle.

by pick-up man from Indianapolis | May 13, 2012 -- Kelly McAbee of Tom O'brien Dodge was very likable, professional and extremely hardworking. I would highly reccomend Kelly and the other good folks at Tom O'brien to anyone looking to purchase a vehicl. Thanks again Kelly!!

by this is rediculos from Trafalgar | May 12, 2012 -- We were pleasantly surprised by the great experience we had in our vehicle purcase at Tom O'Brien. Our salesman Matt Petterson did a good job. Tim Rand the sales manager was fantastic in the process. We went to other dealers and they acted like they were doing us a favor. The men at T.O. know what customer service is all about. Thanks to ALL. Bob & Wendy Milliron

by Intimidated with buying cars from Greenwood, IN | April 19, 2012 -- I was in the market for a new car, and chose to look at a Chrysler 200, a Chevy Cruse, and a Ford Focus. I told all 3 dealers what I was doing, and that I would choose a car based on similiar features and price. All 3 cars were nice to drive, but only John Niehans at Tom O'Brien gave me an all inclusive price (exactly what it would cost with tax etc.), nor did he inquire what the other dealers were offering (I didn't want to haggle over price, just a one shot offer from each dealer). I ended up with a car I wanted, at what I considered a fair price, with no high pressure; I love the car!

by CHRYSLER 200 from NEW WHITELAND ,IN | April 19, 2012 --deny york was great ,he helped me through the entire process,and was very knowledgeable and easy to work with ,very sincere and understood what i was looking for and i will be reconmending him to all my friends and family,people like deny care about the customer as a person and not a dollar sign.its great to know their are still people out their that are true to their values ,thanks again BARRY B

by Bill S from Indianapolis, IN | April 18, 2012 -- We are repeat customers at Tom O'Brien CJD. Heather Pitcher was very helpful and a very nice person. She helped us trade in our 2007 Chrysler 300 for a New 2012 Chrysler 300. She took us for a teat drive and explained all of the features to us. This is a dealership that we feel comfortable with and have for years now.

by David from Greenwood, IN | April 19, 2012 -- Personable, attentive and negotiable. Offered to transfer delivery from another dealer to obtain the color of van we wanted - service!

by CHRYSLER 200 from NEW WHITELAND ,IN | April 19, 2012 -- deny york was great ,he helped me through the entire process,and was very knowledgeable and easy to work with,very sincere and understood what i was looking for and i will be reconmending him to all my friends and family,people like deny care about the customer as a person and not a dollar sign.its great to know their are still people out their that are true to their values ,thanks again BARRY B

by Bill S from Indianapolis, IN | April 18, 2012 -- We are repeat customers at Tom O'Brien CJD. Heather Pitcher was very helpful and a very nice person. She helped us trade in our 2007 Chrysler 300 for a New 2012 Chrysler 300. She took us for a teat drive and explained all of the features to us. This is a dealership that we feel comfortable with and have for years now.

by Like New Car Smell from Muncie, IN | March 27, 2012 -- I saw this SUV on the Tom O'Brien website and needed to trade my VW convertible for something big enough to haul my 85 lb. Goldendoodle. I love this Jeep. It has everything!!! Jeff Casner was very good and went over all the options and even set up the UConnect on my Iphone. Great experience at Tom O'Brien Greenwood.

by Working car owner from Beech Grove, IN | February 19, 2012 -- My husband & I have dealt with Tom O'Brien for years. There is no other dealership in our book. Saleman,Mike Abner, has never failed to find just the right vehicle for us at the right price. We're currently driving our seventh and eighth Chrysler/Dodge vehicles. The service dept. keeps them in tiptop condition. They do treat us like family.

by tommy from indianapolis, in | February 18, 2012 -- I had a wonderful experience buying from Tom O'biein. I love my new Jeep! I would recommend this dealer to a friend. I also would purchase from this dealer again.

by corvette
from Fishers.In. | February 1, 2012 -- The sales team did a great job to make this deal happen.I knew what I wanted to spend based on all the internet tools available.They matched it without all the BS.

by edleader / January 31, 2011: I have no complaints with the sales person and the sales staff. They worked overtime to find the car I wanted. Great job, Deny, Tim, and Kevin!

by old Jeep fan from Indianapolis, IN | December 4, 2011: I have had in the back of my mind the idea of buying a Wrangler for approx 4 decades--many years before the Wrangler was called 'Wrangler.' I finally bought one a few weeks ago. Bob Yorn was my salesperson and Bob was a pleasure to work with---professional, polite, made it a nice experience. I would recommend Bob to friends and family for a new or previously owned vehicle purchase.

by Crusher from Danville, IN | December 10, 2011: Deny did a great job, we couldn't have asked for more.

by claib from greenwood indiana | December 31, 2011: Mr. York was knowlegable and great to work with as usual.He has always been a great help to me and my family.He often times goes above and beyon

Ronald  / July 26, 2011: We recently purchased a 2011 Dodge Journey from Tom O'Brien -- Kelly Miller was our salesperson. She was wonderful to work with; she was able to answer questions about the car and was a big help entertaining our daughters as we completed paper work....even delivered the car to us. We felt like we got a fair price for our trade-in and all questions before and after the sale have been answered quickly. We would definitely recommend this dealership and especially Kelly to anyone looking for a car.

Reviews For Service Dept:
 / January 10, 2011: I have found their express service to be be convenient, priced competively, and done in a timely manner. The staff is friendly and kept me informed on the progress of the service. Recommended future service as needed. Not pushy about upselling.